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Mechanical and electromechanical counters - Digital readouts

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The official video of Rancati

The official video of Rancati

The company was founded in 1948 by its founder Ermanno Rancati to build mechanical counters, changing and growing over time, always with the management of the Rancati family, up to the constitution of the company name Rancati Srl.

The Rancati company produces mechanical and electromechanical counters, digital readouts  for woodworking, sheet and packaging machines, stroke counters, meter counters, revolution counters, coin counters, stroke counters for coffee machines.

Rancati is specialized in the production of equipment for measurement and counting in general. Its activities are directed to the production, wholesale and retail trade, repair, in person or on behalf of others, and in general all activities connected.

Experience, Reliability: RANCATI Srl.
To measure all you need to count commercially.


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