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Mechanical and electromechanical counters - Digital readouts

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The history of Rancati



Made in Italy from 1948

Rancati is specialized, since 1948, the year of its foundation, in the production of stroke counters, indicators, meters, impulse counters, revolution counters, readouts, mechanical and electromechanical, instruments and appliances for measuring, control, testing, navigation and other similars.


The  company was founded by Ermanno Rancati in 1948 along with his former worker Livio Airaghi.

The idea of building mechanical counters came to him during the long experience in the Officine Borletti that allowed him to achieve the role of Technical Employee of 1st category, the highest category in career for those who had studied only up to the 6th year of elementary school.


In 1951 entered the ranks of the company Ermanno’s first son, Gianfranco as domestic worker and in 1964, the second son Daniel also joined.


In 1958 the company was registered within the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and in 1959 they bought the land on which the current factory was built (1963).


In 1973 the partner Airaghi decided to leave the company by giving the shares respectively to Gianfranco and Daniele Rancati.


In 1984 the company was transformed from defacto corporation (unlimited company) to co-partnership.


In 1998 Ermanno Rancati passes all his shares to his children who become, therefore, the owners of Rancati Snc.


In 2012 the company undergoes further transformation from general partnership to the current corporate name RANCATI SRL and Daniele and Gianfranco pass on the shares to the sons of the latter, Davide and Marco becoming the current owners.


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Ermanno Rancati
The company was founded by Ermanno Rancati in 1948 along with his former worker Livio Airaghi.

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